Industries We Offer Placements

Automobile Industries

We provide experienced and skilled employees to various sectors of automobile industries.

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

We provide experienced and qualified sales and managing staff for the FMCG industry.

Telecom Industries

Providing a well-qualified workforce in the large sector of Telecom industry.

Real Estate Constructions

Real estate agencies need a huge workforce and we provide workers in this sector.

Textile Industries

If you are passionate about the fashion industry, we can help you be a part of it.

Import & Export Services

Bridging the gap between employers and employees in the import and export system.

Manufacturing Units

Better manufacturing results in better production. We supply manpower here to help in the development.

Financial Institutions

We can connect you to jobs available in the Financial sector.

Educational Institutions

If your dream is to be a part of the educational sector, we can help you.


1. Marketing & Branding 2. Digital Marketing 3. Finance & Accounting 4. Human Resources 5. IT Consultant 6. Graphic Designer 7. Computer Engineering 8. Civil Engineering 9. Mechanical Engineering 10. Content Writing 11. Salesperson 12. cooks from all cuisine 13. Tutors 14. Tele Calling 15. Security Personnel 16. Receptionist 17. Delivery Boys

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